Yale Club Insurance Study Group

Welcome to the Industry’s Longest Continuously Meeting Study Group

The Yale Club Insurance Study Group (YCISG) is an exclusive, peer-elected group that explores in granular detail the issues affecting the insurance industry, especially as it pertains to high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UNHW) individual and families.

Yale Club Insurance Study Group, New York, NY

Yale Club Insurance
Study Group

Welcome to the Industry’s Longest Continually Meeting Study Group

The Yale Club Insurance Study Group (YCISG) is an exclusive, peer-elected group that explores in granular detail the issues affecting the insurance industry, especially as it pertains to high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UNHW) individual and families.

The Value of YCISG Membership

The Value of YCISG Membership

While there is a social aspect to our group – we have drinks and dinner when we meet – this is a group of highly skilled insurance professionals who grapple with industry problems that can include new regulations and laws, new products and programs, and new ways of approaching solutions that we can share amongst ourselves.

Part of our name, study group, reflects the seriousness we take in approaching our professional lives. We are all high achievers – many with Ivy League undergraduate degrees and law degrees from prestigious institutions – and we prepare for our work lives in a similar manner to how we would prepare to achieve as students. In fact, we are, in a sense, lifetime scholars in that we have never stopped applying the good habits we had in our formative years to our professional achievement.

Each of the YCISG meetings is led by either a member or a guest who is a subject-matter expert. While the group comes together to learn, all members are expected to be prepared on the topic and to bring their sharpest questions to the table. The presenter is expected to showcase their expert knowledge on a topic by introducing original thinking and granular points, and by being able to answer the questions that are asked on this topic. Presenters frequently use PowerPoint presentations to provide the group with examples, and these may be made available to members through this website.

The COVID era presented the YCISG with a tremendous opportunity: We could expand beyond New York City. Before COVID, we had grown comfortable in being a local group that would meet at the Yale Club. COVID, however, led us to rethink our parochial perspective and to grow beyond the New York Metropolitan Area. During COVID, we continued to meet using videoconferencing software. We realized how comfortable our members, by and large, were in using this technological solution, and thus we embarked on a new phase of our journey.

Today, we continue to meet at The Yale Club, while also using videoconferencing so that our members may join from outside New York City. This expansion of our terrain has provided us with a vision to grow our group beyond perhaps three dozen core members and to allow others in markets across the United States to participate.

Joining the YCISG is not a matter of simply submitting a membership application and sending a check. If you are interested in becoming a member, you will have to research our membership, get in touch with someone who will determine if you are a good fit for our group, and that person will have to sponsor your membership. The YCISG has operated this way throughout the years, and it is our intention to protect our high standards by continuing to hold accountable our members who bring a new candidate forward.

As thought leaders in the life insurance industry, our standards are understandably high. The perspectives we develop at YCISG meetings will translate into actions taken by insurance producers in how they approach new regulations, new tax laws, and new state requirements. We pursue best practices with a special vigor because we are not the average life insurance producers: members of the YCISG are a highly specialized group who deal with an exclusive clientele. The exposure that our clients have to tax, wealth transfer and other liabilities is far beyond what an upper-middle-class family will experience. However, the effect that we can have on determining best practices throughout the industry can be enormous, and this is a weighty responsibility for any group.

Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, including the legal profession. Our firms tend to be smaller as our business lends itself to being more boutique in nature, which is preferred by our exclusive clientele.

The YCISG is looking forward to bringing its values, ethics, and insight to the next generation of leading life insurance producers who serve the HNW classes. We encourage people in the industry to contact us to learn more about us, what we do, and the topics we are exploring.

About Us

For most of its 80-plus years, the group has been limited to members from New York, and it still has a New York orientation. Since 1943, we have been meeting monthly at the Yale Club, a private club near Grand Central Station in New York. While we take our name from this prestigious institution, we are not associated or affiliated with the Yale Club, and few of our members are Yale alumni.
Yale Club Insurance Study Group, New York, NY


We created this Education space to provide some of our guidance, our best practices, our insights for people in the industry who may not rise to the level of thought leaders but still wish to emulate the ideals that we embrace and advocate.
Yale Club Insurance Study Group, New York, NY


Staying in compliance with regulations, laws and practices is the focus of Compliance Notes. As leaders in the industry, we pride ourselves on being up to date on changes in these areas and adapting effectively to those changes.
Yale Club Insurance Study Group, New York, NY

Whether during our secondary or university years, many of us participate in study groups. This is especially true of the very serious students. Getting together to really understand the specifics of a topic and striving to get the most out of a learning experience becomes more of a community effort than an individual feat.

That thirst for knowledge is something that leaders in the life insurance business like the YCISG have continued into our professional life. Many of us are not only insurance agents, but also lawyers, including a few tax attorneys. Diving deeply into a topic while working hard at our businesses is an endeavor best pursued collaboratively. This enables us to share the work of developing deep insight and to benefit from a variety of different perspectives on a specific topic.


Our members are made up of industry leaders. Joining our group isn’t a matter of sending in an application and paying annual dues. Prospective members must be distinguished in their work before we even begin the consideration process. Like with fraternities or other selective organizations, we require that prospective members be sponsored by existing members. If the membership committee agrees to offer a nominee a trial, the nominee will have to present before the group to prove they have sufficient industry insight for the group.


That may be interesting, but no, our clients do not attend the meetings. Although our clients are, in many cases, very accomplished and smart individuals, this is a forum for people who are deeply invested in an industry-specific topic. What we take away from the meeting we can develop into presentations for our clients, offering them products that may be advantageous for them and their descendants in terms of revenue production, asset protection and defense against estate taxes.


The short answer is no. The COVID-19 pandemic led the group to innovate because we couldn’t meet in person. That led us to extensively use Zoom to hold our meetings. As a result, a few promising applicants from outside the New York area joined our group. They brought energy and interesting insight into the room, and as a consequence we are now open to adding more members from across the nation.


We explore legal and regulatory topics that can affect our business. For instance, we hosted an incredibly granular exploration on the topic of long-term care insurance (LTC) and the various state-level legislation that has been passed or is being weighed by states across the country. With a secular issue like this we could be looking at 50 different solutions for a single problem. This is why it is so essential that we attract top experts who can provide more than a basic overview of a topic. The 30-odd members of the YCISG spent two hours discussing aspects of the various legislative proposals, implications for our clients, companies that would be writing policies, and how we could structure those policies so our clients could achieve maximum value. This is an example of what we do four-to-six times each year. And the real beneficiary of our deep thinking on an issue like this are our clients.


We do not and although we have not explored this option, we are not closing the door on the idea. Our goal thus far has been to maintain the YCISG membership as a small, exclusive circle of high-level life insurance producers who meet and discuss issues. While we are growing a bit, we are not considering growing to the size of some national groups, which can number in the thousands. Still, growth could lead to new ideas, like certification or accreditation, but this would require a significant investment in infrastructure and an investment in personnel and personal time that the YCISG membership is not currently willing to support. However, while this is not on the table at this time, we feel it would be foolish to declare we are opposed to this idea.

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Yale Club Insurance Study Group, New York, NY

Membership is by invitation only from a current member. CLICK HERE to see a list of our current membership.

Yale Club Insurance Study Group, New York, NY

Membership is by invitation only from a current member. CLICK HERE to see a list of our current membership.

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